NOAH is for those who like to change up their training and keep things interesting. You don't need to commit to one type of training. NOAH members have access to a new Pilates, Strength, HIIT, Yoga & Mobility class every week.


MONDAY - Pilates

TUESDAY - Strength

WEDNESDAY - HIIT (low impact options. aka never burpee EVER)

THURSDAY - Stretch & Mobility

FRIDAY - Class on the rooftop (alternating between class types each week)

There are 2 membership options:

ONLINE MEMBER - Access to 5 different workouts each week via your member login.

ROOFTOP MEMBER - A class each Friday on the rooftop, as well as access to 5 different online workouts each week via your member login.

Workout on a rooftop with the sunrise EVERY FRIDAY.

HIIT: 35min low impact interval training, to get the heart rate up, get schvitzy, hate it all the way through, and finally feel damn good afterward and want to do it all again... next week.

Yoga: Vinyasa flow (perfect for beginners or experienced yogis)

Strength: Bodyweight or use whatever equipment you have at home for added resistance (eg. dumbbells, kettlebells, cans of beans)

Pilates: slow and steady movements with focus on perfect alignment. Focus on glute & core work because strong glutes mean good pelvic alignment and also... booty

All in all, NOAH is about having a laugh with a community of like-minded mates that want to train with the sunrise! It's as much about getting your muscles burning as it is about being together as a community and maybe making a friend or five.

Mats & equipment provided, however please feel free to BYO mat if you'd like to use your own.

the space

Located on Level 4 of the incredible A.K.M building, next to Richmond station. Ride the elevator straight up to the 4th floor, the rooftop!

  • Yoga mat provided

  • Complimentary batch brew coffee after class (currently not available due to COVID)

  • 2hr parking available on street



Intro offer


Bring a friend for free! Available only to those new to NOAH.

Casual class


One casual class.

5 class pass


5 classes valid 2 months from purchase date.

10 class pass


10 classes valid 4 months from purchase date.



Hi! I'm Alice.

I'm a personal trainer with a Bachelor of Exercise Science & Rehabilitation, a love for fitness and training with the sunrise.


My passion is education - I love teaching others how to train and find fun in exercise.

For me, it's not about the sweat that makes a good workout. It's about turning up, doing something good for your soul, and pushing yourself to a point you feel proud. Feeling proud might be just turning up to class. Or it might be smashing out a full round of squat pulses without rest and growing some serious glutes. Either way, I'm proud, you're proud, and the legend training next to you is proud too.


That's the vibe on the rooftop. It's like visiting a friend, rather than going to class.

How's the serenity. 


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